Then Buster!…You’re General Custer!

First thing I do when I finish remodeling my place is pour myself a bottle of Pinot Grigio and watch all the Dean Martin “Matt Helm” spy movies in a row.:

The Silencers
Murderers Row
The Ambushers
The Wrecking Crew

alone if I have to..BUT any girl who will sit through all four of these movies with me gets a free dinner at the airport* at the place of your choosing.

I used to try to watch these with my ex girlfriend, but she would get bored after like the first two minutes and just start texting random people or she’d end up going outside and smoking cigs. It really is hard to find people to hang out with who can appreciate romantic platitudes like “look babe, this is where chilling comes into play.” (that’s not a line from any of the movies, but likely something you’d have to say when a girl starts to get irritated by all the rampant playful misogyny
so commonplace in this pre-political correctness, much superior(!) era of films.

*must be paying attention at least 52% of the time.

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