Q: What do you call a normal female thought process? A:That of a sociopathic man. -SCW

Well. I finally got the keys to my place. I plan on moving in sometime this weekend, but I have to paint and do some work on the floors first, and make the place look as mod as possible. So I will be spending most of this evening painting, and most of tomorrow. I’m not much of a handyman, so I expect plenty of Pink Panther cartoon moments to happen as I venture into the uncharted world of home remodeling. I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Something odd happened while I was in the food court at the mall the other day. I was sitting there eating my chicken enchilada, daydreaming about the cosmos, and there were some girls far away who kept looking over and giggling at me…for like a while. I didn’t think too much of it “What, haven’t these chicks ever seen a lame dude eating his dinner before?” Get over it. Well a short while later, I discovered I had a message from some girl on OkCupid that said something like “Hey I’m pretty sure I saw you just now. Creepy huh?” And she said the reason they were laughing is because she was going to send me a message that said “Hey, we’re watching you right now.” That would have been sort of creepy but still great.

I went out for my birthday with Bill, Steve, Florence and Jeff. Everyone bought me drinks, and a fun time was had. There was mostly nonsensical philosophizing going on(between all of us the phrase “boner rage” was thrown about 500 times in the evening.) I met some girl and got her number, but she’s moving to Portland in like two weeks and didn’t seem all that interested anyway…so I don’t really see that going too far, but it’s nice to make a new friend. Some dude I know, was into Florence and tried to buy her a drink, but she refused…even though she was interested. So then I went and talked to him and tried to hook it up, and she accused me of being a saboteur….even though when the guy attempted to buy her a drink she was the one who refused! I merely tried to fix it! The more I try to understand girls, the more confused I get. All in all it was a good birthday.