Big League Chew

Three nights in a row I have fallen asleep around 9:30. I guess a zillion nights in a row of getting only 4 or 5 hours of sleep has finally caught up with me. I have to get out of this rut though. Sleep is such a waste of time and not going out for an extended period of time causes bad things to happen. You start to lose social mass. It’s like muscle mass, if you stop working out it will begin to vanish pretty quickly…and then you have to start all over.

I finished some paintings. I’m sorta happy with them. Painting in my underwear in my room is like my new (old) favorite pastime.Try not to get a mental picture of that though if you know what’s good for you and me.

I feel like last month was a very lush time period for girls and romance, but alas just as fast nearly all of my romantic interests have fizzled out. What happens is that you pick the most promising prospect to go for…because really no matter how many girls there are…there is usually just one or two that deep down you know you could potentially fall for. So you decide to get to know them better knowing that you’ll pretty much persistently like them so long as they don’t turn out to be homicidal maniacs..and of course they have to like you consistently, too. And so after those end up biting the dust…you start to go back and revisit the “B list,” but then you realize that nearly every girl is going to be a problem in some way so you might as well just go for the gold. Besides, it feels much less demeaning to get the shaft from some amazing girl you knew was probably slightly out of your league anyway, than to be dissed by some girl you thought would be an easy target. Better to have a brief stint in the majors than be flat out rejected by some minor league team, right?

So I’m in for yet another miserable birthday in a few days. My birthdays almost always suck ass. 2007 was the last good one that I had, and before that you have to go back to the 80’s, to some of my epic childhood birthday parties. The only thing I’m looking forward to is getting the keys to my place today or tomorrow…and moving in this weekend even though I don’t have any furniture yet. Though I will need to paint the walls, remove the carpeting and buy about a million things I don’t even know I’m going to need yet.