summer of like

I ended up buying a condo on 38th st and Indian School. It was built in 1967, and is about as mod as I could hope for. My loan was finally approved so I should get the keys in a couple days. Feel free to come over and drink wine, listen to records, and watch cartoons with me all summer long. I’m really hoping for a great summer. The last couple have been super shitty, filled to the brim with melancholy, dysfunction and a touch of despair. 2007 was the last great summer back when Shannon and I were at the peak of our romance…before that you have to go back to about 2002 to find a decent summer, and that one was only memorable for my playing a lot of Super Nintendo(Final Fantasy Five) and for a really cool blue track jacket I used to wear along with a Paul Frank T-shirt.

So this place is going to be my villain headquarters from now on. Hopefully this will be the summer of romance, creativity and delusions of grandeur moments of world domination. See you there!