working title

So I’m working on the screenplay for Steven Christopher Wallace’s new feature film. He had a completed script for it, but some of the actors fell out of the project…and so due to my minimal approach to things I’m basically in charge of writing a new story which will require less people. The more tangibly complicated a script becomes, the less practical it is to be able to film without millions of dollars. So I think it’s better to make it more complicated conceptually. The bulk of this film will be shot on 16mm and Super 8. It should run about 90 minutes and is a SAG approved film. I usually don’t pursue working on movie related crap because when people tell you they’re making a movie it’s almost always bullshit that never goes anywhere. BUT Steve’s other film “There May Be Pleasure” screened in London and Milan as well as several other prominent European cities so he has some cred.