I take “dram”amine, you take “drama”mine


So I went to San Diego some months ago but have been too lazy to post about it. It was not a terrific trip. I didn’t really want to go to begin with (which caused a big fight the day before we went.) My 2 and half year relationship was approaching its final death stages, so tensions were high the entire time we were there. We went to the beach in La Jolla, where there were a ton of little crabs (who apparently enjoy the taste of lollipops?)

Everyone made fun of me though for sleeping so much in the car due to my taking dramamine. Then Shannon and I got into an argument about how it was pronounced. She insisted that it was pronounced like “drama”mine because she heard it that way in the “Modest Mouse” song. I contended that it was pronounced like “dram”-amine because my stepdad was a doctor and that was how he had always referred to it. Anyways when we went in to the grocery store to buy some, we couldn’t find it so she went to ask someone where it was and when she came back she had this embarrassed look on her face and was like “I asked the pharmacist where it was and he called it “dram”amine.” My half-joking response to her was always I take “dram”amine, you take “drama”mine (the insinuation being that she’s dramatic.) These types of statements never go over well by the way.

San Diego really is a great city. I’ve never really liked the kind of people in Phoenix who say they love San Diego (spring breaker college types,) so I never thought much of the place before. I personally like La Jolla (or anywhere remotely near that area) and also Hillcrest, but I couldn’t’ afford to live in either of those places unless it was in a dilapidated shack or some other form of squalor(and even then it would be stretch.)




I remember feeling every bit as exhausted as I look


  • i think even according to the modest mouse song you were right…it’s “dram”amine…

  • Thanks, “Brittanydesia.” I thought I was too, but I had some doubts though. As you may have known, sometimes it takes me a while to admit when I’m wrong, and I’ve learned to be more conscious of this up front.

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