diary of a wandering recluse

Saturday night I drank a bottle of wine, wrote some lyrics and watched “Diamonds Are Forever” with Sean Connery. Rudd wanted me to go with him to the casino, but I’m not going to the stupid Indian casino, nobody is going to win anything there. And I realize that they just want to go for fun, but the ambiance at an Indian casino isn’t all that rewarding itself. It’s mostly just white trash and riff raff…which leads you to self reflect while you’re there… “am i white trash and riff raff since I’m here too?” which pretty much ruins any enjoyable feeling you get from the experience. That reminds me, there’s this new Indian casino I saw a billboard for and it’s called “Sol Casino.” And I looked at it and thought “a casino called S.O.L.? what kind of idiot would gamble there?” Anyway, I want to try to take a trip to Vegas and do some serious gambling, so I’m saving for that.

Went to the Phoenix Zoo today with Shannon. Man, that place keeps getting better all the time. There was a new elephant exhibit that wasn’t there when we went last year. All in all, the Phoenix Zoo has come a long way in the last few years, and its something we should be very proud of.

I keep trying to finish this album, but I’m constantly getting sidetracked. I’m too busy to hold everything together that I’m trying to do. I need to just lock myself in my room and work work work. Plus my first three albums were mdeiocre rushed efforts that were done extremely on the cheap, and I’m trying to take my time and see if I can capture the kind of sound I want to create.

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