the fallout from fallout 3

The lack of updates is a direct result of my getting knee deep into a game of “Fallout 3.”
I just finished beating the game today. Let me just say it was kind of a disappointment. The game is way too short and the ending is lame and anticlimactic.
The main storyline is pretty straightforward and unimaginitive. It pretty much goes exactly where you think it’s going to go, only it ends abruptly, like it feels as if you’re only about halfway through when suddenly its the end. It’s true that there are a million sidequests and places to explore, and one isn’t merely confined to the main quest, but this does not nullify the lacklusterness of the main quest itself. I frequently found myself thinking the story might go in some interesting directions, only to discover
that there were no real surprises.
For example: for a brief period I began to suspect that perhaps the father isn’t really a good guy, and that the whole “water purifier” thing was really a cover for a sinister machine that would unleash some terrible emperor(notice in the purifier there is a mysterious preserved body). Now that would have been interesting! But alas, it was just a water purifier…and boom you turn it on and then you die, game over. No epic boss battle, just a colonel and one other soldier, standard troops that take about 2 seconds to kill. Even on the climactic trip from the citadel to the purifier(which I didn’t realize was the climax until the game was over moments later) the big robot does all the work and takes out all the enemy soldiers for you.

In the entirety of the storyline, would you believe you only visit a total of 2 and 1/2 towns?

Don’t get me wrong, the premise of the game and actual gameplay are both awesome, but if you are going to play it, I would say just go out and explore the post apocalyptic wasteland and don’t bother with continuing the main quest beyond the point of vault 112(which was the highlight of the game for me.)

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  • The ending was kind of disappointing and yes the lack of epic boss fights. I was expecting a fight of some sort in the end…but it was just another regular battles. Didn’t get to use the fat man too much either. But there are tons of places to explore, but once your are equipped with heavy gear there’s really no challenge. Just pure exploration.

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