dustbowl refugee

I’m writing this entry from the Apple store at “The Grove” mall in Los angeles. On a whim yesterday, a friend and I decided to rent a car and come out here for a visit. I’m kind of stranded here. It has been quite a memorable adventure, and I knew ahead of time that if I came here I would end up not wanting to leave, so I planned for that contingency, and only brought 20 dollars with me so that I would be forced to come back. I was also very concerned that I might end up meeting the third girl which would ruin everything so I brought the bracelet with the blocks as a reminder of unfinished business. I’m coming back with a digital piano, pictures, and some stories when I can figure out a way home. I have a couple new songs on my myspace that will be on my new album. It’s funny how best friends reunite, and find themselves in identical situations, the same exact sad state of affairs, and even wearing matching shoes(literally).