Lost Andjealous, CA

The first thing i noticed while i was back in L.A. this weekend, was that the guys were all the same as i remember, but all the girls i once knew were nowhere to be found. They have all been replaced by a newer and younger generation of 16 and 17 year old girls. Friday night i drank a ton with Schoenecker, and went with Britt to spider club where we did not stay very long. Then i went back to mark’s and drank more with mark, peter, alex, gia, dylan etc. Saturday Victoria called me and i went out to eat with her, and hung out with her for a few hours. We almost died a couple times in her car, but it would have been worth it to die hanging out with such a remarkable young woman. Anyway, sunday night i ran into mike runion at star shoes. I heard someone yell “no way!” and then call my name i turned around and it was him. The last time i saw him was 3 years ago when i lived at defacto death camp on santa monica and fairfax with mike, dallas, dean, jacy, the egyptian, etc. and i stole stuff from them, owed them money, packed up and moved out while they were asleep. Mike said it was all water under the bridge though and that “it fit in with my character to do something like that anyway”. It’s amazing how some things never change, among my many thousands of walks down sunset years ago, i’ve had millions of things yelled at me by the ignorant masses… everything from “look it’s beck! he looks shorter in real life” to “hey gay guys, wanna’ buy a stereo?”. Then alas, sunday afternoon i was minding my own business when a kinda pretty but dumb girl drove up and told me i was “really hot for a gay boy!”. I told her i was “very flattered but indeed not gay”. She asked me to marry her. I said i would but when she motioned for me to come with her, i was too shy, so she blew me a kiss and drove away. Hmm, and can someone please tell me how i can eat at Poquito Mas three times in one day, and still only weigh 125? So i shall save up my money to move back to Los Angeles as it is clearly the place i belong. I figure i shall need around $20,000 which means i need to release my album on the double and sell my soul again. In other news i noticed i have a gihugic hickey on my neck, and i also moved today into abe’s old room. Who loves the sun? bah bah bah bah…. not just anyone.