When guys really aren’t nice

Melanie of verism.net’sfriend Teyie is being stalked by some guy named Anthony who won’t leave her alone. I’ve been accused of stalking a few girls in my day so I’m always wary as to the veracity of these kinds of allegations or trumped up charges. However I have determined this guy to be a true creep based on three things, but first the story:

A couple weeks ago, this guy named Anthony stopped by Teyie’s house while no one was there but Amanda, and he knows her so he just invites himself in and leaves her this psychotic note, a rose he yanked from their own garden, and found a goddamn condom wrapper on the floor and PLACED it beside the note. Tell me that isn’t psycho. The note was basically just this obsessive, I-love-you-so-much, “I will not leave you alone unless you go to dinner or lunch with me or something”. And that was seriously in the note.

Of course the girl had to summon a lynch mob without a trial, judge jury, or U.N. approval, though in this rare instance it appears to be justified.

So he left and she was really creeped out and told Justin about it when he got home, and he was extremely pissed, and since then he and Kendrick have been going for the baseball bat and prowling the premesis.

Flash forward to the present, while Teyie was gone in Cali last week, Justin and Amanda say that two of their cats have been missing for a few days. Meatball, which is Teyie’s brand new kitten, not more than a couple months old

Onlinedailynews has concluded that Anthony is scum (and not just nice guy who got tricked into getting too wet brain over a pretty girl) based on the following reasoning:

1. He put a condom wrapper by the note, which is not only disgusting but also tacky. Also this proves he is interested in her for impure reasons.

2. As a gift he gave her a rose which he took from her own garden. Giving someone a rose is cliche enough as it is.

3. He stole the girl’s cat!

This bastard Anthony needs to give her back the cat and find a nice dog for himself. One of my favorite moments in American film is in the post apocalyptic story “A Boy and His Dog” when Don Johnson picks his dog over the attractive yet selfish and manipulative girl. If every
male out there learned to just take the dog and leave the girl alone they would save themselves and the girl a lot of trouble. However it’s too late for this Anthony character and the authorities need to be alerted before an innocent girl gets hurt