Missiti Cam vanishes, but with a trace

The ginger french student cam girl “missiti”has mysteriously disappeared from her incredibly popular site. It wasn’ t clear as to whether her and her host/(boyfriend?) “the grifter” decided to go their separate ways or if she’s just taking a mere hiatus(as American cam girls like to call it).

The site appears to have taken on an older layout compete with year old (and mostly indecipherable) grifter posts:

Veiled my holidays are already finished! But good C T well cool. It was close to fatty in the south. Not very far from Zebio and Agathe in fact. To the return I passed by Aix in provences. (not far from Gounico). Now will be necessary to find a appart bus fleming will not keep me indefiniment. I think of seeking on Paris (not far from Mushroom).

I don’t think “the grifter” has much going for him without Missiti. Lucky for me, I managed to dig up a mirror site of what appears to be missiti’s new site url. The grifter still seems to be affiliated with it (unfortunately). Missiti’s beauty even surpasses that of the popular Sandrine, and it would have been a great loss to the cam girl community and my pretend love life if she disappeared forever.