Rudd Lives

Well, well, well. I want to welcome Rudd to allthingsdark. He is also going to be writing for the site. expect his first post sometime later tonight. Rudd writing for this site is important for several reasons.

1.He is part of the “good guy club”(more on this later)
2.The site will be updated more frequently
3. The updates will not become just me babbling excessively about how i got mad because some girl likes tacky and ridiculous things.
4.Gay men over at validatethis are attracted to rudd so they will be pleased.
5. Maybe rudd will finally learn to appreciate the value of this precious commodity known as the interweb

oh and go visit Lydia’s site because I have decided she is a cute ginger girl, and i like the layout and theme of her site, and well she’s my favorite girl this week even though she likes mariah carey which is pretty lame,(but you can’t have everything) and people can like whoever/whatever they want since after all i like “ace of base” and that show “Even Stevens” on Disney’s “Zoog” or whatever completely without any shame.