i am in love with a video game character!

I have become obsessed
with the girl rydia from ff4 for the SNES. It has got to the point
where i no longer have any interest in real life girls, and i only
compare them with rydia. I know this is probabaly not healthy and you
probably think i need a different kind of help if you know what i
mean. I found this group as i was searching for scientists and
technology on how to transfer human consciousness to a computer and i
figured man if they could figure out how to do that then they can
probably send me into a video game ROM. Of course i know they cannot
do this yet(perhaps we are thousands of years away), but surely there
must be someone working on it. I need to get in contact with these
people and find out how far they are along. I was thinking if i could
hack a sprite that resembled me into the games rom and was able to
transfer my consciousness to it that it just might be possible to
seek out the affection of the ginger rydia. I know you probably think
i’m crazy, but any help in this matter would be appreciated.