As someday it must happen that a victim must be found

I was in Antique Centre in Scottsdale yesterday and strangely enough, noticed an original framed poster for sale which was advertising none other than the Lamplighters production of “The Mikado” in San Francisco, 1969. The poster read: Lamplighters present “The Mikado” April 20th, continuing Fri and Sat nights Harding Theatre Divisadero at Hayes San Francisco […]

New Sign of the Zodiac…No Sign of the Zodiac Killer

So, all the hullabaloo surrounding the new zodiac sign… “Ophiuchus”(which only applies to Sidereal astrology practiced in the far east and not Tropical so no your sign hasn’t changed if you’re a product of western civilization) well it got me thinking about the Zodiac killer, an unsolved mystery that I’ve always been somewhat interested in. […]