pay for placement

Commercial Alert, a watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, has filed a complaint regarding deceptive advertising with the FTC regarding PPC search sites.…h_engines.html It figures they would assume people are not intelligent enough to know that they are ads (especially since a “cost to advertiser” is usually given next to each listing (though this […]

i wish for you to tell me the great stories

Tell me the great stories of the future of making money on the internet. I wish to hear them all. banners products popup console hell It will never get better only worse. muahahah Come up with an original idea and sell your own product gfa ha ha … Unforunately though i don’t agree that the […]

eFront icq logs at the forefront of emedia wow i just read through those icq logs. They are definitely real. Efront must be shocked to have been exposed in that way. Any webmaster who doesn’t despise them after reading that i feel sorry for. Though i suppose many webmasters don’t want to admit they got ripped off(not good for the ego)… the […]

free domains

here are some of mine. i registered a total of 39 so far. Now hopefully they will work! Edit: I ended up with a total of about […]

I’m back, but I don’t like what I see

Well,I’m glad to be back everyone, but this latest internet is discouraging. It appears there are tons of new promising money making companies which is great…however the search engines have all but slammed the door on those of us who relied on doorway pages for traffic. Also most of the search engine submission sites are […]