Joltin Joe has left and gone away

Well you can just call me Joe Dimaggio for a while, as I decided to take a break from going out for a while. I am at one of those odd points where I am mostly without a partner in crime. Also, you get so little out of going out really. Very rarely do you meet any quality people, and it’s always just the same hoez you see around all the time. I’ve had 3 nights of splendid sleep in a row, a new world record for me for this year. The first night was induced by eating an entire box of rosemary and olive oil triscuits, which also left me feeling as bad as you’re average hangover the next morning. I’m back to going to the mall all the time, one of the few things I truly enjoy doing and which relaxes me. Sorry if I go there so much it creeps you out, but a man’s got to do what a man’s gotta do. I’m also getting addicted to chocolate shakes. I’ll have some stories to share in the next entry.