The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort.

My internet has been down at my house, so I’ve been having to update this thing from Kinko’s lately…which has been sort of disgusting. There’s always some riff raffy dude sitting on the computer next to me wolfing down trail mix or talking on his cellphone. When one such mf leaves he is replaced by another and another. Being on a public computer is like riding the bus. It just sucks. The weekend wasn’t great, nothing compared to last week anyway…went to Adult Swim with Jonathan on Sunday which was fun enough, and then out to Casey Moore’s where burgers were had. How exciting… a jewel heist it was not but still fairly good times.

Saturday everyone seemed to be going buck wild about the World Cup match between England and USA. People were all excited which led me to believe we had actually beaten England at soccer. I can’t believe people were so thrilled just because we managed a lousy tie. I mean, what would Patton say? I didn’t see the game myself. I think I’m one of those “Ugly Americans” that think soccer is just too boring to watch. It’s low scoring, and the field is so ginormous that it takes forever to just to witness someone make a goal attempt. The people look so small and far away it’s like watching an ant farm and about as exciting. The world cup is also basically a version of the 1975 film Rollerball, essentially a U.N. approved diversion…a sort of emotional outlet for people to express nationalism while meanwhile their countries are being asked to surrender their sovereignty and are slowly and quietly integrated into a world government.

But anyway who cares about all that. I’m focused on looking forward to eating a peanut butter and banana bagel sandwich for lunch.