The other summer, in Arizona I was sentenced to the chair…

Last night I had dinner at LGO with girl. We split an avocado pizza and discussed taxidermy. We went for a long walk through a few of the condos and townhomes in the area(three fountains, olive square, williamsburg square.) Then we drove around for a while through a slightly seedier part of town and as we passed a bowling alley, we decided to go bowling…only when we got inside they asked for IDs. Since when do you have to be 21 to get into a bowling alley? The chick at the door said that they turn the place into a club on Wednesdays, and so we decided that bowling alley on club night would not be a cool place, and would undoubtedly be filled with some of the wackest people imaginable…given the location of said bowling alley and demographics of the local area. So we bought some wine and went back to my house to use my glow in the dark Oujia board only when we got there I couldn’t find the cursed thing. We ended up playing a game of Stratego instead, which was pretty fun, except that my opponent didn’t realize that the bombs were supposed to be immobile and used as booby traps, and so she was moving them to explode my major and colonels. We then listened to the entire soundtrack of Modesty Blaise three times:

She is the shadow on your bedroom wall,
she is the dream you never found.
But then you’ll find no time to dream at all,
whenever Modesty’s round.

She’ll strike you dumb with just a single glance,
Or just a single glancing blow.
Exactly why she slays so many men
No man alive will ever know.

Modesty! Modesty!

She’ll turn your head,
Though she may use a judo hold.
And on her shoulder is a chip made of solid gold.