Sinus of the Times

So I’ve been going out almost every night for the past 3 weeks..only missing one night when I fell asleep early. My allergies seem to be getting out of control and I’m on the verge of a full on mucous attack.

Sinus of the Times by Brandon Adamson (2006)

And so,
right now there’s a battle going on against mucous!
And in this battle you are either with us
or you are with the mucous.
It’s going to be a long war.
It’s like the war on terrorism
We don’t know when it will ever end.
We’re told it may not even be over in our lifetime.
As citizens, we all need to be vigilant.
It’s all we can do

I think I may force myself to go out, because if I sleep the mucous will just drip into my throat and it will feel like razor blades in the morning. I forsee-ith my feeling like some variation of shit tomorrow regardless of what happens this evening.