Looking Beyond Redemption

Beyond Redemption by Brandon Adamson “The Longest Road is the Road to Redemption”, read the caption of a car advertisement that caught my eye as I was flipping through the pages of an airline magazine while flying high at one of the low points in my life. It really runs true. Often times the road […]

The Boy and the Painting of a Treehouse

The Boy and the Painting of a Treehouse by Brandon Adamson This is the true story of a boy that dreamed up a boy(his imaginary self) who often stared at the painting of a treehouse, a painting of a treehouse, that if only he could have(the treehouse), he would never come out. And all of […]

Amidst a Misogynist

Amidst a Misogynist Brandon Adamson In the thick of the mix of the blitz of awe and beauty of beauties, we have it would seem a misogynist amidst. Every red blooded man has one, somewhere, perhaps within reason and his ability to do so… a sense of hopelessness tendency toward bitterness over the missed and […]

a poem for the ages

Out of Me oh, what will it takes not to make the leap from patience to a patient. when one can’t catch a break can’t buy a bucket, my luck at the slots of a lot in life is worse than the licentious howlers that suck it -Brandon Adamson