Sometimes people wonder why i don’t say hi, but it’s just because i have nothing worthwhile to say or nothing further to establish. So forcing an awkward conversation would just end up being like pedro’s speech at the end of napoleon dynamite. It’s true that pedro ends up beating summer, but he wins because of napoleon’s sweet dance moves, not because of his monotonous speech. Do you really want me come up and tell you what a great show “party of five“ is? Or talk about how I sing along to 90’s dance songs like Jellyhead and Barbie Girl in my car? Or go on about all the things I admire about Scientology? Or ask you what your favorite animal at the zoo is(i like the otters?) or recite tony curtis quotes like “i wouldn’t be caught dead marrying a woman old enough to be my wife!“…? So just be thankful. Or you can be the one who says hi and willingly subjects yourself to my life and we can talk about whatever you want and i’ll try not to reveal how i secretly wish we were good friends.