They’re Playing With Fire

Not much to report here. Been spending most of my time in my room playing my guitar… as well as watching “Sex and the Single Girl” and listening to records in my living room. Occasionally I take time out to get smashed and play Uno. I’m really just busy with stuff. I’ve been drinking a lot of liquid chlorophyll, Gary Null style(yes I know he’s a quack.) Also the girls I’ve been meeting have been getting more and more “trainwreckish”(if that’s even possible.) Film at 11.

Fresh and Easy is my new favorite grocery store. It has everything you might need, and one can get in and out of there with minimal human interaction required. It’s all self checkout. There are barely even any employees. The place has all the appealing anonymity and convenience of a behemothic megastore but minus the long lines, extended families and their heathen offspring.