Driving like a maniac. Support those who support it.

This License permits you to drive on the sidewalks to avoid traffic — To drive through stop signs as long as you blow your horn — To drive with bad tires as long as you know your brakes are bad — To drive over a draw-bridge when the bridge is up.
Signed by U. R. Nuts


Well, my Las Vegas update will have to wait since I can’t transfer any of my photos because the internet has been down for like a week at my old place, and I haven’t set up service at my new hideout yet. AND I forgot to bring my usb cable to this public computer I’m updating from right now so I can’t transfer them here either.
Soooo, Friday night I went to the space party with Bill, Marcus and a couple of broads that were on our team. I hadn’t been to a theme party in a while. There was like a giant paper mache rocketship that we all got our picture in, but I think I took a really bad one. Tempe house parties seem to be making a bit of a comeback, but with the same old shitty aura. Nothing really eventful happened other than the fact that we were by far the oldest people there(but not recognized for it.)
After that there was another party like a block away, which was a more familiar demographic of skeezy Tempe people. We hung out in the backyard and got all down and dirty, but not really. Bill talked to some attractive “rough” girl that he’s been eyeballing for a while. She was probably too rock n roll for him though(to borrow the line of reasoning from David Hasselhoff as to why he was never into Pamela Anderson.) I spent the entire evening trying to romance some girl who was into cosmic energy and stuff with minimal results(but not quite zero results.)
Saturday after noon went thrift store shopping with SCW and didn’t buy anything. Although I did see a book I should have bought. Maybe I will go back and buy it.
Saturday night sucked balls. Ended up at Casey’s sitting around with Stacy Stone and her friends who were in town from California. They were rad enough to hang out with, but I just got going too late.
Sunday night was Nikki’s birthday party at San Carlos, which ended up being the best time I had in a while. All great people, except the dude who wanted to talk my ear off about his online business/pyramid scheme of all things. Business is for handling, not for talking about. Anyway the dude kept trying to get my input…and I was basically just telling him whatever bullshit I could think of to make the conversation boring enough for him to want to end it and go away. Finally he said something like “I feel like you’re not saying what you really think(about his business ideas or whatever.) Just come right out and tell me what’s really on your mind?” and Nikki turned and just said something like “He doesn’t do that.” And that was the end of it. I ended up hanging out with everyone for a long time…like 20 hours. I feel like people think when I don’t talk for a while, that i’m not having fun or something. Really though, if I just don’t feel like a part of a conversation, I’m not one of those people to try force my way in. When I have something to contribute, I will. Nikki also became the 787th person to tell me that I drive like a maniac. Which is possibly true. I may or may not harbor secret fantasies of wanting to be a race car driver or making daring escapes in high speed pursuits in some other life. I drive like a maniac. Support those who support it.

In other related news, I always take the long view.