So almost every day I go to Fashion Square mall for about a half hour. I buy a diet coke from the food court, and just wander around and daydream. It’s become part of my new routine. While I have yet have an actual conversation with anyone at the mall(such a thing would ruin it for me) I do have the typical interactions with food court workers one might expect:

girl at counter:(spoken in spanglish)
Do you want your usual small diet coke?

me: Let’s live dangerously today. Make it a medium

They also give me the mall employee discount because they assume I work at the mall. At first I was flattered when the guy at Johnny Rockets told me I “looked like I worked in the movies.” I assumed that perhaps he thought I could be a handsome actor like James Coburn until I realized all he meant was that he thought I looked like someone who works at the mall movie theater(a pasty teenage slacker with a bow tie.)

I’ve always been a mall person. I really don’t know why. I find it relaxing and inspiring. I think maybe it’s because I had a totally 80’s mom(she seriously looked like a character on the show “Dynasty”) who used to take me to the mall all the time while she would shop for clothes. So it could be some subconscious narcissistic attempt to get back to a childhood point in life.

It could also be that I like to go into the Brookstone store and use the massage chairs.