the crying game

I’ve been lounging around all weekend in this new track suit I got from American Apparel. It’s my favorite thing ever. I think I’m going to buy like 5 of them and that will be all I wear.

Friday night I went to First Friday, and then Hot Pink. Hot Pink sucks now, like no one goes, but I danced with Susan and Becky the whole time which is always great. There was a scantily clothed transvestite dancing, and later we found out that Jeff didn’t know it was a guy, and he was kind of aroused. He was all “oh there’s half naked girls dancing this is great!”, and I was like “Jeff, that was a man with breast implants”. He was totally taken aback and then got kind of bummed out. As we were leaving I told Clint it was like “the crying game” in that place. We went to Casey Moore’s for the last hour, and ran into tons of more people. People were surprised to see me in such good spirits since I had been so sick the week before.

Saturday, Clint and I relaxed all afternoon. We ate at Nello’s, and went to Fry’s electronics to look at movies. Clint bought “Asylum of Satan”(an obscure 70’s film), and I was kind of jealous cause I’ve been wanting to see that for a while. I didn’t find any of the movies I was looking for.

Went to Casey Moore’s and met up with Kim and Jeff where we ate. I had a gihugic fish sandwich.